Global Exposure at Institute Of International Business & Research (IIBR)

In order to be competent in the highly competitive global business scenario, students must gain excellence in both theory as well as practical understanding. As per the recent market studies, today’s employers are seeking for graduates who are prepared for global challenges with comprehensive ideas on the cultural, social, industrial, historical and financial aspects of other nations. In order to groom students as per these expectations of today’s employers, ASM IIBR provides opportunities to students for gaining global exposures through a plethora of programs and activities.

Global Exposures through Multitude of Programs

ASM-IIBR conducts the following listed programs on a regular basis to support our students to gain enhanced global business understanding.

  • International study tours – ASM-IIBR organizes international study tours on a regular basis to enable our students to understand the economical, social, and cultural situations existing at a global level.

  • International student exchange – We conduct international student exchange programs as they help our students to learn a new culture along with enhancing their communication skill, personal development and employment prospects.

  • Inviting international speakers -We take initiatives to invite international academicians and research scholars to the campus for sharing their valuable insights in their own expertise field.

  • International internship – We provide our students with an opportunity to do their internship in USA, Mexico, European countries, Singapore, and South East Asia. International internship is crucial for developing our students for the global platform.

  • International faculty – By inviting expert faculties from foreign universities, we help our students to enhance their knowledge level and perspectives on international business scenarios.

  • Visiting international Chambers of Commerce – At ASM-IIBR, students get opportunities to visit Chambers of Commerce of foreign countries, which enable them to understand real-time business proceedings and dealings.

  • International industry visit – We arrange industrial visits to several countries to give opportunities for our students to understand the real time industry dealings, set up and practices.

  • Participation in conferences and expositions – We encourage our students to actively participate in conferences and expositions conducted by big shots in the industry. Our students regularly participate in such programs and communicate and build contacts with corporate companies.
At ASM-IIBR we encourage our students to exploit the numerous international opportunities designed for them to gain excellence in their own field. We conduct such international programs with an objective to provide tremendous global exposure along with broadening the thoughts and abilities of students.