How to Find the Best Business School in Pune

Pune has been considered as the Oxford of the East and for reasons worth it. With numerous technical as well as management institutes that have been established in this city, many students from all over the globe look at this city as an all-inclusive option for higher studies. However, it is imperative to make your choice of business school properly so that you can get the best benefits and educational facilities.

Here, we will discuss some of the major factors that you should consider while finding business school in Pune.

Things to Consider While Selecting a B-School

You can refer to following parameters to help you in making your decision about the right B-school for you:

  1. Specialization Offered by the Institute: Management courses such as BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), MBA (Masters in Business Administration), PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management), etc. have certain core subjects as well as specialization subjects like marketing, finance, human resources, etc. While some institutes offer options only for generalized management course, there are others that offer specialization degrees. Based on your interests and aptitude, you should shortlist the institutes in Pune that offer management course of your liking.

  2. Reputation of the Institute along with its Credibility: Many students ask themselves that where will they stand five or ten years down the line after completing their management course. The answer to this question depends a lot on the credibility and reputation of your B-school. See to it that the management school you are planning to enroll in has been accredited with higher grades by the educational bodies.

  3. Staff and Educational Facilities of the Institute: There is a trend amongst many B-schools these days to make tall claims about educational facilities that they provide. However, it is imperative to cross check thoroughly as to whether these claims are true or not. You can check the credentials, experience, and qualification of the regular as well as visiting faculty of the institute as well. Discussing about the overall background of the college with alumni through personal contacts or over online forums will also help you a great deal.

  4. Placement Facility: It is important that the B-school you enroll into provides you with a good job opportunity. You can verify the multinational companies and SMEs that visit the institute for placement, percentage of placements that take place yearly, and average salary that the students draw at the time of placement to get a better idea of the job scenario after completing the management degree.

These factors will help you in making the right decision for finding the best business school in Pune. One of the few institutes that excel in all the aforementioned parameters is ASM’s IIBR (Institute of International Business and Research).