Why You Should Choose ASM’s IIBR for Doing your MBA?

If a career in management is your goal, there is no doubt that an MBA will help you fulfill your dreams. But today, simply getting a degree is not enough. The institute that you attend will also have a huge impact on your career and future.

Why, you may ask? Management is not just about theory, it is about creating practical ideas and applying them to meet your professional goals. The institute you apply to should have strong infrastructure and varied activities, which can help you to add to your strengths, reduce your weaknesses, and transform you into a knowledgeable and trained professional. If you are looking for an institute that can provide you the right kind of exposure and training, then look no further than ASM’s Institute of International Business and Research (IIBR).

ASM’s IIBR is one of the leading management institutes in Pune. It provides a two year, full-time Masters in Business Administration (MBA). This course is conducted through University of Pune, and is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

What makes ASM’s IIBR MBA Program Different from the Rest?

ASM’s IIBR focuses on all-round grooming to broaden the students’ minds on different management topics to help them become intelligent and responsible professionals. This is accomplished by utilizing certain teaching methodologies, as well as organizing different kinds of activities.

• Case Study Teaching Format: The institute utilizes a unique teaching methodology of case studies. IIBR utilizes practical industry examples that can help students to understand complex theoretical points and subjects easily.

By looking at practical examples and studying the solutions created, students are able to put themselves in similar positions and discuss alternative solutions. This make them more mentally prepared in handling a crisis situation in their future jobs. The case study format is further ingrained through seminars, conferences, and workshops.

• International Exposure: Another important point that sets IIBR apart from other institutes is that it provides the students international exposure through various activities.

o International Tours: The institute regularly organizes international tours where the students get an opportunity to visit various countries. The students are exposed to different aspects like the local economy, industries, and culture. They also have workshops and seminars with renowned professors at leading international universities, where they receive first-hand information on current industry happenings.

o Conferences: The institute, together its students, also organizes and hosts national and international conferences. Two conferences, INCON and Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMES), provide a platform for the students to listen to industry experts discuss current problems and solutions in various industries in India and abroad. The institute also organizes fun annual events like BIZZ, which encourages the students to participate in quizzes related to finance, technology, and management.

• KPO Meet: The entire ASM Group pedagogy is based around the idea of ‘industry-institute-interface’. The group organizes regular KPO meets, which brings together some of the best corporates from different companies to discuss latest trends in various industries. The dignitaries also give talks on subjects that can benefit the students, such as ‘Management Control System’, ‘Job Search Strategies’, ‘Campus to Corporate’, and ‘Economics as a Subject and its Relevance’.

These various factors make ASM’s IIBR the leading institute in Pune to receive an MBA education.